5 Tips For Talking With Your Teen About Using Substances – Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Raising children is a difficult task that only strengthens when that child becomes a teen. During adolescence, it is a time of discovering who they are, and they will often test their boundaries. This is why it is crucial to talk to your teen before they begin testing their limits regarding substance use. It can … Read more

Halloween Healing Activities that are Painless for Your Teen

Halloween Healing activities you can do at home with your adolescent on Halloween? Yes, you read that right! In this case the spooky season is a great time to do fun, creative paintings and therapeutic activities that can help your teen who is dealing with depression or other mental health issues. Healing Activities  At the … Read more

The Dangerous, Invisible Work of Being a Teen Farmworker

Eva was born in the US and is a citizen, but when she was a toddler, her family decided to move back to Mexico. A couple of years later, her mother returned to the US, leaving her and her little sister behind with their father. Her mother would send money, school supplies, and boxes of … Read more

Teen drivers often unsafe on the road with speeding and handheld cellphone use: Study finds teen drivers speed on 40% of road trips; text on 30% of road trips

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in adolescents, and risky driving behaviors like speeding, rapid accelerations, and cellphone use can contribute to crashes. New research presented during the 2022 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition finds many teens struggle to abide the rules of the road. Authors of the abstract, … Read more

Teen Vogue and Motorola Razr Honor the Future of Fashion With NYC Celebration

Some of the top names in fashion and entertainment gathered Wednesday night to congratulate Teen Vogue‘s first-ever Generation Next class of Innovators, a new expansion of the Gen Next program which supports emerging designers. In celebration of the young Innovators, Editor-In-Chief Versha Sharma, alongside motorola razr, hosted an event to showcase six razr-inspired pieces designed … Read more

Teen arrested for murder of slain magistrate – Romay van Rooyen | The Citizen

Western Cape police have arrested a teenager in connection with the murder of slain magistrate, Romay van Rooyen on Tuesday. The 18-year-old suspect was traced and arrested at his home in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. The arrest follows the heinous murder of the 50-year-old Vredenburg magistrate that occurred earlier this month. Van Rooyen was found strangled … Read more

What It’s Like to Be a Teen Caring for Disabled Relatives

In San Jose, California, 19-year-old Arabella G. helps care for her mother, who has fibromyalgia, along with other health issues. Arabella currently shares a two-bedroom apartment with her boyfriend and five-month-old, her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and her mom. Throughout much of the pandemic, California provided rental assistance for low-income families. With that help, Arabella … Read more

Meet Teen Vogue’s First-Ever Class of 2022 Generation Next Innovators

For the first time ever, and in partnership with motorola razr, Teen Vogue welcomes a class of six additional winners to our Generation Next program: the Gen Next Innovators. The motorola razr has been a fun fashion staple since its inception, and to continue the brand’s presence and support of the fashion industry, Motorola is … Read more

This Idaho Teen Won Elected Office to Fight Far-Right Education Policies

Shiva Rajbhandari is straddling two worlds — one in which he’s a high school senior balancing college applications and classes, and one in which he’s an elected official serving on the school board that makes decisions that affect his own high school. Shiva, 18, won a seat on the school board by defeating the incumbent … Read more