Paleo Theory: Dietary Changes Over the Millenia and Effects on Human Health

Three Europe-based researchers have attempted to summarize what we know about dietary changes over the course of human and cultural evolution, and the effects on our health. Well worth a read if you have the time, intelligence, and interest in the paleo diet. A quote: Perhaps the most significant aspect of the present concerns the … Read more

Taylor Swift’s New “Midnights” Track Hints at Popular Fan Theory

Updated on Oct. 6, 2022: The Taylor Swift Karma album theory is real — well, at least, her Midnights track “Karma” is. In her TikTok video series Midnights Mayhem With Me, Taylor has been slowly revealing the Midnights tracklist ahead of the Oct. 21 album release date. Here’s the tracklist as it stands right now: … Read more

The chemical imbalance theory of depression is dead – but that doesn’t mean antidepressants don’t work | Christopher Davey

The chemical imbalance theory of depression is well and truly dead. A paper by Joanna Moncrieff and colleagues, longtime critics of the effectiveness of antidepressants, has caused a splash. The paper provides a summary of other summaries that confirm there is no evidence to support the idea that depression is caused by disturbance of the … Read more

Leading Alzheimer’s theory undermined: Did tampering waste 16 years of research? – National |

Hundreds of millions of dollars and years of research across an entire field may have been wasted due to potentially falsified data that helped lay the foundation for the leading hypothesis of what causes Alzheimer’s disease. The allegations centre around a landmark 2006 study — a paper which has been cited nearly 2,300 times — … Read more

How to spot and label Secondary Dominants. Music Theory / Tonal Harmony Lesson

If you’re taking a harmony course, you’ve certainly come across the concept of secondary dominants and endless exercises, where you’re given a piece of sheet music in which you have to label all the secondary dominants. Well, today I’m going to give you a simple trick to spot and label secondary dominants. We won’t get … Read more