Diabetes Health Type 1 & 2: Top 3 Holiday Tips for Diabetics – Diabetes Health

 “It’s tough enough to make it through the holiday season without gaining weight. People with diabetes face a bigger challenge with the upcoming parties and family gatherings,” says Nadia Al-Samarrie. Planning for a festive holiday party goes a long way. Once you make these tips a habit, going to parties will not derail you from maintaining good … Read more

25 Tips for Managing Diabetes on Thanksgiving

Adobe Stock Oh, you know how all these articles begin: “There’s nothing more challenging than managing diabetes during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.” Sure, it’s true: It ain’t easy. But you know what: It ain’t impossible either. There are many things you can do to enjoy this food-focused holiday even if your body is lacking in … Read more

Tips For Baby Safe Pest Control At Home – Baby Journey

As a parent, you should be vigilant about keeping your home clean. This is especially important if you have children around – baby safe pest control is not something to be taken lightly. Keeping your home clean of pests isn’t too difficult with some preventive measures – this includes keeping the kitchen and floors clean. … Read more

7 Tips to Cope with Thanksgiving Blues

  ‘Tis the season of gratitude, when the calendar marks the holiday of Thanksgiving, and we gather to give thanks. Messages and reminders of practicing gratitude are highlighted as themes on television shows, in news stories, and commercials, and digitally on your social media networks. In schools across the country, chalk talk at this time of … Read more

Six tips to balance your laundry schedule with Eskom’s load shedding schedule | The Citizen

While load shedding isn’t a new phenomenon to South Africans, the last few months with it having escalated to a daily occurrence, has Mzansi fed-up trying to organise their lives around Eskom’s inability to keep the country’s lights on. ALSO SEE: Civil servants set to strike on Thursday over wage impasse with government How to … Read more

5 Tips For Talking With Your Teen About Using Substances – Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Raising children is a difficult task that only strengthens when that child becomes a teen. During adolescence, it is a time of discovering who they are, and they will often test their boundaries. This is why it is crucial to talk to your teen before they begin testing their limits regarding substance use. It can … Read more

Holiday Season Self-Care Tips

Why does self-care feel so hard during the holiday season? When we practice self-care, what we’re really doing is setting boundaries around our mental and physical health to keep ourselves well. The holiday season creates a perfect storm for neglecting self-care practices because of: Additional emotional stressors and responsibilities , such as navigating difficult family … Read more

5 Tips for Beating Depression with Behavioural Activation | HeadsUpGuys

Depression is a debilitating condition for a lot of men. When men are dealing with depression, they often withdraw from daily life. They will generally feel unmotivated to do things that they routinely did in the past. They may stop connecting with people in their lives such as friends or family, and often end up … Read more