Unite for Cara and her family in the fight for a cure

Cara Lange has always talked to her children, Emily, 6, and Morgan, 4, about living with type 1 diabetes and involved them in her management. They learnt their numbers and colours by doling out Cara’s jellybeans, her preferred ‘hypo’ treatment, when she needed them. Cara also taught them their address and how to call an … Read more

Unite for Steve in the fight to prevent diabetes-related complications

In November 2015, Steve Dale from Rockingham in Western Australia became one of the 5,163 Australians who undergo a diabetes-related amputation every year.    While it was tough to lose his right foot, worse was still to come.   In 2020, escalating problems on his other foot seemed to be leading towards a second below-the-knee amputation, and … Read more

Unite to change the future for Archie and other kids living with type 1 diabetes

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 6 years old, Archie used to feel alone and different to other kids.    Then, despite feeling nervous, Archie and his mum attended his first family diabetes camp, which was funded by donations from Diabetes Australia supporters.    “If you have diabetes, finding your crew is super special,” says … Read more

Unite for Meriem and fight for better mental and emotional health support

Meriem knows what it’s like to be excluded. Meriem, who was born in Morocco, endured years of bullying at school when she and her family first moved to Hobart. It triggered an eating disorder, a particularly dangerous condition for people with type 1 diabetes. “There were many factors that led to my eating disorder, including … Read more

IVORY And Dr. Ushūu Unite For Soul-Stirring Dubstep Single “Madara”

Powerhouse bass producers IVORY and Dr. Ushūu returned to Monstercat today with their first collaborative dubstep single, “Madara.” Invigorated by energizing snares and unrestrained drops, the new record is fused with the duo’s multi-dimensional stylings primed for the likes of bass enthusiasts. While IVORY laid the track’s foundation, the two met for the first time … Read more