YouTube supports Africa’s creators with #YouTubeBlack Voices | The Citizen

YouTube has announced the expansion of efforts to support creators and the creative economy in Africa through the 2023 #YouTubeBlack Voices creators and artist cohorts.  Now in its third year, the initiative from the video service is a follow up to a global, multi-year commitment made in 2020, to uplift and grow Black creators, artists, … Read more

Universal Truths and Cycles: An Appreciation of Robert Pollard and Guided by Voices

BMI, the music-publishing giant, names Robert E. Pollard Jr. as author of 2,485 songs, an alphabetic list that begins with “1 Years Old” and ends with “ZX35 Pow.” AllMusic lists 120 albums, singles, and EPs Pollard has released with Guided By Voices, and twenty-seven albums associated with his own name. And that’s not all of … Read more

Savvy Updates, 7/18/22: Power of YOUR VOICES to the US FDA, Timely Access to Care Act, About Chocolate

Diabetes Patients Flood FDA with Comments on Cybersecurity for Medical Devices, as reported by Mariam Baksh for, 8 July 2022.   The Food and Drug Administration received more than a thousand comments—mainly from diabetes patients and their family members—in response to draft cybersecurity guidance for staff to use when processing submissions from medical-device manufacturers seeking … Read more

Want to become part of #dedoc° voices?

Psst…forgotten something? If you’re in the northern hemisphere right now, you’re possibly all caught up in the sunshine, splashing around at the beach or spending time off work just taking time out. If you’re from the southern hemisphere, you’re either smart and have taken a holiday to Europe because EVERYONE.IS.IN.EUROPE.RIGHT.NOW, or under fifteen quilts in … Read more