Our State Lawmakers Tried to Block College Students From Voting

“If you’re a college student in Montana and you don’t have a registration or a bank statement or a W-2, it makes me kind of wonder why you’re voting in this election anyway,” said House Speaker Wylie Galt when SB 169, a voter ID bill disenfranchising students and other voters, was passed by the Montana … Read more

This Dull-Sounding Electoral Practice Fuels Mass Incarceration

Every 10 years, the Census Bureau attempts to count every resident in the United States. This process incites prison gerrymandering, which means counting incarcerated people as residents of their prison cells rather than as residents of their home communities. Because this population data is used to draw electoral maps, the practice severely limits political representation … Read more

What the Midterms Actually Are — And Why They Matter

Unlike state and local elections that happen every year, congressional midterm elections occur halfway through a president’s term and do not take place during general election years. For reference, the last midterm election occurred in 2018 during Donald Trump’s second year as president. There was no midterm election in 2020 as it was a general … Read more

Inside One of the Races That Will Decide Control of the Senate

Outside of a squat stucco house on the south side of Tucson, Senator Mark Kelly walks slowly toward a crowd of canvassers waiting to knock on doors in his name. He holds the arm of his wife, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in a mass shooting in Tucson in 2011 … Read more

These Elected Officials Have Way More Power Than You Think

We watched in horror as the dark atrocities of January 6, 2021 unfolded in real time on American screens. Just months after the 2020 uprisings against police brutality, anger ran through us as we thought of the many lives lost over the years at the hands of authority for much less than what we saw … Read more

MoveOn Is Using Custom Manicures to Encourage Voting

In efforts to get Gen Z and Millennials out to the polls, a public advocacy organization, MoveOn, alongside art-based social justice agency, TaskForce, launched the Nail the Vote Campaign. Together, MoveOn and TaskForce are launching two special-edition voting-themed nail designs to plant motivation into the hearts of young voters. Renowned artist Ariel Wilson curated custom voting-themed nail designs … Read more

Beto O’Rourke Warns What a Third Greg Abbott Term Could Look Like

Teen Vogue: And if you are to win, what would be your first priority? Beto O’Rourke: There’s so much that we got to get working on after eight years of Greg Abbott, eight years of failure. Let’s take some common sense steps to defend the Second Amendment and better protect the lives of our fellow … Read more

Republican Candidates Are Refusing to Commit to Accepting the Results of the Midterms

This article was originally published by Vanity Fair.  Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake refused to commit to accepting the 2022 election results on Sunday. When CNN host Dana Bash asked on Sunday’s State of the Union if Lake would accept the November election results, Kari Lake said, “I’m going to win the election, and … Read more

“Your Vote Your Voice” Its Voting Season! The 65th GRAMMY Awards First Round of Voting Begins! | ThisisRnB.com – New R&B Music, Artists, Playlists, Lyrics

The 65thAnnual GRAMMY Awards voting has begun! The first round of voting runs from  Oct. 13 and closes Sun, Oct. 23, 2022. Unlike other awards, the GRAMMY Awards stand apart because nominees and winners are decided by the music people who create the songs we love. With the most inclusive membership body in the history … Read more

Young Organizers Are Ditching the Obsessive Focus on Voter Registration

Talking only about the youth vote is not effective for young folks, Rahhel says: “I think midterms are important, and I don’t want to diminish their importance, but I think so many people talk about long-term work and long-term power-building with young people, but then just kind of pause for the election.” Instead, Minnesota Youth … Read more