US votes with Biden agenda at stake — and Trump in the wings | The Citizen

Polls opened Tuesday in crucial US midterm elections that could decide the political future of both President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump — who has all but announced he will seek the White House again in 2024. Biden’s Democrats are facing a gargantuan struggle to hang on to Congress, after a race the … Read more

Salem – ‘Spread Your Wings (MP3 Download)’

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Ariana Grande Shared the Secret to Her Signature Eye Wings

Ariana Grande is no fool in the makeup department. Having performed since she was little, the singer knows how to create a beautiful beat in more ways than one. But, ask her to apply her signature winged liner in front of all of TikTok and that’s a lot of pressure on those musical shoulders. In … Read more

Carolina Chicken Wings

These Carolina chicken wings are dusted with Old Bay and flour, then oven-baked for crispy perfection without all the extra calories you get from frying! Where I live in North Carolina, there are two major food groups: seafood and BBQ. We like things vinegary, including our BBQ sauce (no tomatoes allowed), and we consume ridiculous … Read more

Sir Paul McCartney at Eighty: Were Wings Really The Band The Beatles Could Have Been?

“It is hard to understand quite how it happened, but there are millions of teenagers running around now who don’t know who U2 are.” I was talking to my friend Steve the other day after reading this comment online where someone with enough music knowledge to share opinions about Arcade Fire and Coldplay had nevertheless … Read more