Marijuana, E-Cigarette and Tobacco Product Use In Young Adults Who Underwent Pediatric Bariatric Surgery

Schulenberg J.E. Patrick M.E. Johnston L.D. O’Malley P.M. Bachman J.G. Miech R.A. Monitoring the Future national survery results on drug use, 1975-2020:Vol II, College Students and adults age 19-60. Ann Arbor: Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan. 2021; () Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2019). Key substance use and mental health … Read more

Young lives are being destroyed by a lack of mental health support | Letters

Our children and young people are facing mental health challenges on an unprecedented scale (Editorial, 6 November). Tragically, there seems to be little meaningful action being taken in response. My 17-year-old son died by suicide last year. We had spent over a year trying to secure adequate help for him – it never came. Even … Read more

The Stars of “Young Royals” Unpack Season 2’s Wild Ending

Edvin spent so many nights poring over the script, questioning, lamenting, attempting to justify Wilhelm’s behavior. “Why is he like this? Why is he acting like a child? Why is he so selfish? Why isn’t he seeing things from a bigger picture?” he asked himself. That’s when the apple fell for Edvin. “I realized, like, … Read more

We Talked to Five Young Voters About Crime and Policing

The question of what makes us feel safe is a complicated one, especially for Gen Zers. It’ll soon be six months since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The four-year anniversary of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida was earlier this year and the 10-year anniversary of the shooting … Read more

How These Young People Reconnect With Their Culture on Día de Los Muertos

As the daughter of two immigrants, her father being born in the Soviet Union and her mother being from Costa Rica, Gelman’s connection to Día de Los Muertos was a choice she made, one which was greatly connected to food. “Pan de muerto, I absolutely love it! So when it’s the season I always have … Read more

Low COVID-19 vaccine uptake in young kids concerning as viruses swirl, doctors say – National |

COVID-19 vaccines for children under five in Canada have been available for more than three months, but so far only a small fraction of eligible kids have received a pandemic shot, which is prompting doctors to sound the alarm as other viruses circulate and overwhelm children’s hospitals. Data compiled by the federal government from the … Read more

Study to explore potential long-term health effects of vaping in young people |

A new study at Dalhousie University is looking into whether vaping can cause permanent lung damage in young adults. According to the researchers, nearly 15 per cent of youth in Canada use vapes regularly. Vaping requires users to inhale an aerosol mist created by an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. The e-juice in the cartridges typically … Read more

Young people to be prescribed surfing and dancing by NHS to help anxiety

Young people will take part in surfing, rollerskating and gardening to see whether sport, the arts and outdoor activities can make them less anxious and depressed. NHS mental health trusts will use the activities to help 600 young people on their waiting lists for care as part of a study into whether “social prescribing” helps … Read more