J. Graves and the pressure cooker release of ‘Mad’ (Official Video)

  “I need you / To know the truth / I need you / To know the truth…” I have had the pleasure of writing about, learning about J. Graves this past year, enough that I could hear a dramatic distinct difference with their track ‘Mad’. The track still possesses the signature sound that feels … Read more

Jim and Sam and the burning haunting waltz of ‘House on Fire’ (Official Video)

  “the rooms in your house / pitch black and cold / the lights won’t turn on / you’ve tried every bulb / on the kitchen counter / there’s a rose bowl matchbook… The burning waltz of ‘House on Fire’ by Los Angeles folk singer-songwriters and husband and wife duo Jim and Sam is a … Read more

Katie Keddie and the spiraling indie rock orchestrations of ‘Maybe You Were Right’ (Official Video)

  “you’re always a sore loser, never let me win…” Listening to and watching the Official Video for ‘Maybe You Were Right’ by Nottingham (UK) based singer-songwriter Katie Keddie and it made me think about being alone and how it might sometimes feel lonely but doesn’t compare to the hell of feeling alone while you … Read more

Death Party Playground and the moving melancholia of ‘Summer Fang’ (Official Video)

  “If your knees are weak / And you’re cold in the summer / Just some kind of freak / Alright, alright / Well, I couldn’t be honest / If I could tell you I might…” The somber reflections of ‘Summer Fang’ by Waterloo, Ontario’s Death Party Playground is the kind of piano ballad that somehow makes you feel terribly sad … Read more

Jay Wires and the ethereal electronic heaviness of

  “She needs time and she needs space / To shiver in the sheets / As the snow blows through the streets / And chills her to the bone…” There are all kinds of sonic beauty from the natural wind rustling through trees to extravagant orchestral movements. “Time and Space” by NYC-based synthesist Jay Wires lies comfortably somewhere … Read more

Juan Wayne and the beautiful scuffed folk rock Polaroid of

  “don’t want to fight you, don’t wanna make you cry, I’ll just stay with you a while if you like…”  The folk rock dreaminess of “Desert Mama” by L.A. based Juan Wayne, the project name of singer songwriters Andrew St. James and César Maria, has my eyes closing and my heart all a flutter. … Read more

Astral Gray and the psychedelic wonder of

  “you’re lonelier here with me than you and your own…”  There is something grand and mystical about “Kindred Spirits” by the tripped out Astral Gray, the musical moniker of Brighton (ENG) based Graham Anthony Nunn. With the Farfisa-esque organ shapes, the potent bass and drums dance that push a waltz cadence, the 60’s guitar … Read more