The 10 Best Susan Tedeschi Songs of All Time

Susan Tedeschi Songs

Susan Tedeschi was one of the first female singers to emerge from the New Orleans blues scene and forge a career as both an artist in her own right and as the singer for her husband’s band, The Derek Trucks Band. According to CBS News, she has been nominated for Grammy awards more than six times winning once.

Tedeschi has released numerous albums charted on Billboard’s Top Blues Album charts. Her beautiful voice is sure to get your toes tapping, so check out these 10 of her best songs that you will love.

10. Looking For Answers

Susan Tedeschi released the song “Looking for answers” in 1998. It is a deep song that many fans relate to. And in her lyrics, she is looking for answers that nobody seems to have. She wonders why we have to live and die.

The lyrics are intense but so well written that it’s hard not to connect with this song as an emotional listener. The singer wants to know why we have to live and die. And even though she confesses to loving the Lord in unimaginable ways, the questions remain torturous and unanswered.

9. Just won’t burn

“Just won’t burn” is another incredible song from Tedeschi’s second studio album. She released it in 1998, and it was well received. The song talks about how we sometimes feel lonely and tired. But somehow, we know regardless of the situation, we are going to be alright. In the lyrics, the singer has something to hold on to.

The blues keep her going and looking forward to better days. We all need hope, and this song reminds us that there is always hope for the future. It’s an uplifting message for everyone who listens to it. Tedeschi’s voice has been likened to the famous Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. And her vocal range in this song confirms it.

8. Rock Me Right

The signature Susan Tedeschi guitar is dominant throughout this song. However, she still delivers her lyrics with great precision. And you do not need to listen too closely to get the message. From the opening lyrics, you can tell that this catchy ballad is all about love. It is about giving your significant other what they need. And it does not matter if it is something physical or emotional. To make someone happy, you must be willing to give them whatever they want.

7. Angel From Montgomery

If you love a well sang classic blues song, “Angel from Montgomery” is a perfect match. The song showcases the storytelling skills of the singer. The lyrics tell a sad yet exciting story of an old lady named after her mother. At some point, she fell in love with a cowboy who wasn’t much but was still worth it. And now she longs for an angel or something special to hold onto.

6. Back To The River

“Back to the river” is an emotional song. It talks of a mother who seems to be away from her children. And she is missing them tremendously. She is on the road but can’t wait to return home and be reunited with her children. The journey is too long, and she is becoming impatient. She longs for their hugs. Home is the only place where this mother can find peace of mind and be happy.

5. The Feeling Music Brings

This song is about music and the feelings it evokes, emphasizing the feeling you get when you hear a favorite song. Music can be encouraging, refreshing, and sorrowful. But a song’s ability to comfort you, make you smile, cry, or just want to dance is truly a gift. In the lyrics of this ballad, the singer is thankful to have found something to love and count on. And she just wants to get up and sing her heart out.

4. Found Someone New

“Found someone” is a love song that revolves around a dissatisfied. Even though she knows the feelings of the person she loves are deep, she is tired of being lonely. The nights are cold, and waiting for her lover to call is frustrating. As a result, she has found someone new. However, she is still holding on to her true love. And no matter how wrong it feels, she is unwilling to let go. The song sounds more like a slow jam than country music.

3. Talking About

Sometimes in life, you face an isolated situation, but the truth is that somebody else is in a similar spot. And if not, they can understand what you are going through. “Talking About” is an encouraging ballad. It provides support and a reminder to keep talking about it and ask for help when needed.

But apart from that, you should not wallow in self-doubt. Instead, focus on believing in yourself and carrying on with your daily routine. When it comes to music, this song will lift your spirits and make you want to sing along with Tedeschi’s voice.

2. Little By Little

Although Susan Tedeschi is the lead singer in this song, it is a band effort. According to SecondHandSongs, the legendary Mel London originally wrote this song, and Junior Wells was the first musician to release it in 1960. Nonetheless, Susan Tedeschi’s rendition, which she recorded in 2007, has a more modern feel. It is a love song that revolves around a partner getting everything wrong. Consequently, the relationship no longer feels like it once felt. And the love is fading away.

1. Learning The Hard Way

“Learning the hard way” is another relatable song with a sweet melody. It talks about the people in life who constantly feel they are right. And for this reason, they are always bringing others wrong and trying to show them they are wrong. The lyrics of this ballad tell off such people. The singer is tired of always being told she is wrong. She wants to make her own mistakes and learn from them the hard way.


Susan Tedeschi is arguably one of the most talented musicians in the music industry today. From her soulful voice to her lyrics, she has something for everyone. Her songs are easy to listen to and make you want to get up and dance. With this list, you might find some new favorites you can enjoy for years.

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