The “Emily in Paris” Love Triangle Intensifies In New S3 Photos

And one of those tough choices includes Alfie. By the end of Season 2, Alfie has shared his unrequited feelings for Emily. He wants to take a brave step in their relationship, but Emily is caught in a love triangle. With the news that Laviscount was promoted to series regular in mind, we hope this means that Alfie will be sticking around, even if it further complicates Emily’s love life. 

Emily’s discovery of Gabriel and Camille’s reconciliation threw a large wrench in her perfectly laid plans, but Darren Star thinks that maybe it wasn’t a wrench at all — maybe it was fate. 

“This does not mean the end of Alfie, by the way,” Star told Glamour when asked about Emily’s failure to reciprocate Alfie’s feelings. “What’s happened with Emily does not mean the end of Alfie. I mean, it’s like, sometimes you look at a relationship that you think is the one, and you realize that the one might be someone else. So I don’t believe that…certainly, for me, the door is open for Emily and Alfie.”

Team Alfie, we ride at dawn!

Are there any Emily in Paris Season 3 photos?

In fact, there are — on September 22, Netflix released a handful of first-look photos of the upcoming third season. In the shots, we see Emily with her colleagues, friends (hey, Mindy!), and… lovers? Two pics in particular raise eyebrows, as Emily is seen in conversation with both Alfie and Gabriel, and the energy of the scenes seem super different. Phew. Take a look for yourself below to see what we mean.

Ashley Park as Mindy, Lily Collins as Emily, Camille Razat as Camille in Emily in Paris Season 3


Lily Collins as Emily in Emily in Paris Season 3


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