The Journey of Love through all its phases: Udai Tariyal’s latest track “Dasktakein”

An aspiring 17-year-old from Delhi, Udai Tariyal is a young artist eager to share his love and passion for music with the world. Staying true to himself, his music is largely based on his life and experiences, making it highly authentic and relatable to his listeners.

Having only recently begun his musical journey, his latest track ‘Dastakein’ is his first ever song that the talented artist is excited about. Tracing the natural cycle of love- from its joyful and sublime beginning to its peaceful yet necessary ending, the melody is an ode to a loved one who will never return yet whose presence lingers on. Rejected twice by distributors and facing postponement, the song interestingly ended up being released on the first choice of the release date as though it was meant to be.

The song was recorded in Axin Studios situated in Delhi and took almost a month to be completed. It is now available on all streaming platforms. The artist’s friend Ansh is the creator of the stunning artwork who successfully brought Udai’s exact vision to life.

“When you have a large accumulation of memories and emotions inside you, your body can’t handle it and you need to let it all out somewhere. As a result, people either become enraged at everything or cry. I did the latter, and while I cried a lot, it wasn’t enough. So I treated all of these memories and emotions as ink in my pen and wrote everything down on a piece of paper”, says the artist. It couldn’t be truer and the rawness of these experiences is amply reflected in ‘Dastakein’.

The artist hopes to collaborate with Anuv Jain in the future and we are very excited for him. It is a delight to watch Udai blossom through his first steps in this journey and we wish him the best of luck.

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