The long and short of being a 6ft teen | Young people

Is it really better to be tall, asks Coco Khan (We ask an expert, 6 January). As a 15-year-old six-footer in the 1950s, I can assure you that the answer is no. Being cast as Little John in a school pageant didn’t help my self-esteem. And with size 10 feet, neither did being shod courtesy of army surplus stores.
Priscilla Kemp
Conwy, Clwyd

Re your interview with Miriam Margolyes (‘People have this idea that I’m a walking cesspit. I think it’s quite unfair’, 5 January), not so long ago I shared a flat with her in New York for a few months. We hadn’t met before. I was teaching, she was acting. I never was happier. She was fascinating, funny, wise, kind and generous. And she didn’t pay me to write this. She’d be mortified.
Polly Devlin

Going to the loo when you are wearing a jumpsuit is difficult, and so is using an aeroplane toilet (Landing gear revamp: jumpsuits and hijabs feature in British Airways restyle, 6 January). Combining the two is surely impossible?
Dagna Horner
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

The best time to read brief letters is between 5pm and 7pm (Letters, 5 January). If your letter is going to be published in the paper the next day, it will appear online during this time, which enhances the evening something amazing.
Tom Stubbs
Surbiton, London

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