The Midnight Club Is About to Be Your New Favorite Horror Show

“I play Anya, who is a fiery rebel with little to no regard for rules,” Ruth, 26, tells Teen Vogue. Throughout the series, she struggles with the person she was, and what’s left for her to become. “I think the thing she would want most would probably be a do over, so she could appreciate what she had when she had it. Because I think she only realized that once she lost everything.”

You might recognize Ruth from her popular TikTok, on which she shared funny stories about her life (often dressed as a nun) and also talked candidly about her disability. Prior to acting, she was a makeup artist and barber. Next, she’ll join her costar Igby in The Fall of the House of Usher.

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Annarah Cymone as Sandra

In The Midnight Club, Sandra isn’t afraid to go against the crowd to follow her beliefs. She’s often soft-spoken and interior, with a good heart and a knowledge of when to apologize.

“She’s a very shy, quiet, incredibly anxious girl,” actor Annarah Cymone, 22, tells Teen Vogue. But if there’s one thing Sandra loves, it’s an angel. “She also has a very strong sense of faith that sometimes, I think, blocks her from being able to connect to the other members of the group. I think what she wants most in the world, which is like what you want a lot as a teenager, is to be understood.”

Prior to the show, Annarah — who hails from Statesville, North Carolina — acted in the movie Caged, as well as in the previous Mike Flanagan project, Midnight Mass.

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William Chris Sumpter as Spencer

A New York City native with a performing arts background, William Chris Sumpter brings depth and emotion to the character of Spence, a young man with HIV in the ‘90s who faces daily stigma because of the infection. Still, he maintains his warmth and care for his friends, and always tries to do right by them.

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