The Revolution Will Be Sterilised

Are people still moved by music ,do they think it is the most important things in their lives .do they whistle dixie at the passing of the next teenage dream killing time because the bored cull the missionary position from their lives. the sordid and the dead are the only true beliefs held by the sexual predators that scower twitter holding somebody else’s breath as they pray to the almighty for a retweet , a vagabond pause a momentarily lapse into a whisper, blowing sweet nothings into angel ear. all these things and many more used to be able to be bought from your local record store . The lucky customers used to queue in the rain so they could grasp the latest new release by the artist of their choice be it Oasis or the dead Diana Song by good old Elton. The shops used to open two or three hours early so they could say yes i was there i heard that gargled manc elongate his vowels till he pooed his trousers and then walked to the bank whilst Chaucer juggled his invisible balls to impress his best friend’s girlfriend Maureen a pretty lass who just could not stop giving head to passing strangers who looked so much more handsome in the rain. All this could be swallowed hole digested and discussed over a pint on Thursday night while a local band played their own song written by the handsome guitarist who one day, he dreamed be fawned over by all the NME reading student types the type who could make a pint last all night and still be hungover in the morning. Those where the days he missed the days i miss the days when being skinny and pale and miserable was seen as a turn on to whatever gender you went for. The days when phones where in boxes or at home and the internet was something Leeds utd fans used to shout on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon when kick off was at 3pm and Jimmy Hill would tell your dad to remember to put his cock back. Those where the days when music mattered when Top Of The Pops was the talk of the playground on a Friday ,when you used to get the cane for writing Buzzcocks on your school bag or bringing Never Mind The Bollocks into music lesson when you had to play your favourite song to the rest of the class . The days when music scared the grown ups ,now it is the grown ups making the music to scare the teenagers the middle aged who are still trying to upset the establishment ,the problem with the music industry is that all the old record label mavericks have retired or died or gone bankrupt only to be replaced by the young 20 thirty something where the amount of followers on Instagram is more important than the wordsmithery where having an opinion is a bad thing because opinions can divide the audience and applecart’s are strictly screwed down . Do the young still care for music are they waiting for revolution poligtly swiping their smartphone hearting some shiny new whitewashed mockstar yes come the revolution when it will it will be sterilised The Revolution will be sterilised.

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