The Whimsigoth Trend Taking Over TikTok is All About Energy

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With magic practitioners throughout the world uniting on #WitchTok and a resurgence in the popularity of astrology over the past years, more and more people are embracing the witch within themselves. And, they are choosing to dress the part.

Fashion designer and owner of vagabondary, Maranda Vandergriff, who has gone viral a number of times for her style, shares, “I’m drawn to whimsigoth because it combines dark, rich colors with feminine silhouettes, and celestial motifs. Whimsigoth can be described as ’90s-does-’70s. I’ve always admired Stevie Nicks and her dark bohemian wardrobe, and I also find myself gravitating toward grungy ’90s styles when I’m thrifting. It’s a little bit fairytale, a little bit witchy, and a lot of fun to style.”

Celebrities, Gen Z, millennials, and boomers alike are wearing leather, lace, and thigh high boots in a very fanciful way. Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, Dove Cameron, and Conan Gray are often spotted wearing whimsigothic looks, and even Christian Dior showcased the style in their fall 2022 couture fashion show

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The color palette of whimsigothic style includes an array of hues ranging from earth tones that connect us with ourselves. Deep purples represent spiritual wisdom, dark reds add a dash of creativity and passion, dark greens signify calmness, black is for protection, and navy gives us power. 

Flowing, majestical dresses with bell sleeves and lace-up bodices made of fabrics like chiffon and velvet in flower or paisley prints are dominating the trend. Whimsigothic looks also often feature crochet cardigans, bell-bottom pants, and other pieces for layering. Some popular whimsigothic accessories include moon necklaces, big floppy hats, and pointy shoes. 

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Whimsigoth is the perfect look for those who want to protect their energy and honor the past. According to fashion writer Tahirah Hairston, this historical trend “never went anywhere, it’s just become more inclusive because we are more into mysticism now. Therefore, people are wanting to experiment with this look, which is super easy to achieve with clothes they already have. It’s easy to go through your parents’ closets and pick out these vintage items that are energetically aligned with the current fashion.”

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