Three alt country tunes that will soothe, inspire, and motivate

Brit Taylor – “Kentucky Blue”
-If you’re a fan of throwback Americana, there’s a lot to like about this song from Brit Taylor. You don’t even have to be from the bluegrass state to understand the sentimentality of this song. It’s a song about missing someone. The mandolin and steel guitar give it that old school flavor, while Taylor’s quality lead vocal gives it a charming mid-20th century country charm. The whole sound taken together feels like a well polished alt country song.

Archer Monk – “Lost in time”
-This song has a combination of styles from rock to elements of classic jam country. The overall sound has a good driving rhythm. The up tempo style is sure to get a lot of toes tapping. While I wouldn’t ever expect to hear a song like this on a country music radio station, it definitely would be well suited in the more contemporary term “alt country.” Archer Monk brings a relatable, dynamic rock sound with some clever chord changes and subtle harmonic structures. It feels like a mid-60s hit that’s been stuck in a time capsule for the past 60 years… and it works!

Sweet Leona – “Lay em down”
-There’s a percussive energy to this track that works really well. Call it southern rock or “red dirt,” but the energy of the song is what makes it stand out from the start. There’s a bluesy element to the track that’s sure to stand out for a lot of listeners. If you like blues rock, you’ll love this track from Sweet Leona. I am a big fan of the clean electric guitar lines that stand out almost like their own vocal lines. The full composition feels like the great blues rock legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn or B. B. King. This is an attitude-filled piece of southern blues rock and we’re happy to support it.

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