Three folk singer songwriters with a peaceful energy

Lina K.O. – “Arrhythmia”
-This is one of the most peaceful and engaging songs I’ve heard all year. The production mix is perfect, allowing the lead vocal to nestle into the midst of the atmospheric guitars. The understated vocal style does a really nice job of conveying the lyrics in a beautifully melodic way without going too far for the mood of the track. The lyrics are about someone who can get your heart beating properly again, but its done in a way that feels genuine and romantic. It’s very intriguing.

VOYAGR – “Lover’s Lie (Reimagined)”
-“There’s nothing worse than having heartbreak” starts the song and sets the direction. It’s a song about unrequited love and if you’ve ever felt that pain, this song will definitely connect. The genre is a bit of a pop folk style with some shades of modern country. The lyrics turn a little bitter in places, feeling the disgust and frustration when things just don’t work out. I appreciate the honesty and sincerity delivered here, with heartfelt folk vocal harmonies that really bring it together. The chorus encourages listeners to sing along and feel the pain as well.

falllift – “Scale of life”
-At the start, this song makes me think of contemporary folk music, but the more I listened I started to feel much more of an old school folk energy. I like the way the fiddle adds texture to the song. The vocal harmonies and overall approachable style remind me more of an Americana style. I also love the lyrical concept about finding the balance in life. I often teach my students to move toward the “gray area” between the extremes that media and society push us towards. This is exactly what needs to happen in a healthy relationship as well. This song emphasizes that art of compromise with a beautiful sweetness; “we’re both wrong and we’re both right.” Yes, exactly.

Image courtesy: Lina OK IG

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