Three tracks in the indie folk and Americana realm that are sure to impress

Aldvvin – “Born on the 10th”
-There’s a soulful energy to this track that’s sure to stand out to listeners right away. I know it stopped me in my tracks. The vibes feel like a combination of Chris Stapleton and Ray Lamontagne. The expressive blues style at the core of the song conveys a considerable amount of emotion. The lyrics pull the listener into despair on the verse then pull back toward hope on the chorus. It’s a well-written, enjoyable tune that you can feel as much as you hear.

Mike Dunton – “Cora Cora”
-If you’re looking for a fun singer songwriter tune with a classic energy, check out this new track from Mike Dunton. I appreciate the sentiments from the guitar and vocal, but it’s that timeless piano sound that really brings this one all together for me. The lyrics are about a bygone love, so it is a bit of a heartbreak song. There’s such a joy captured in when they were together, though, that it makes for an upbeat and overall jovial tune. If you’ve ever looked back on good times with a loved one (or lover), this track will resonate. That line “rock n’ roll ain’t rock n’ roll without you dancin’” is about as classic as it gets. It’s a great mood and a quintessential Americana tune.

Taylor Alexander – “Push you away”
-Within two lines, the listener can immediately tell that this is a smart song. The phrasing is exceptional. The combination of the vocal and production style reminds me a lot of Andrew Combs, who we have featured here in the past. Alexander’s writing style even has a bit of Ryan Adams too, especially combining the mood with the lyrics. The lyrics are a warning shot to a lover that the relationship isn’t going to last; he will push the person away. It’s a bit dark, but it works really well here. This is an excellent example of folk rock songwriting with a depth of sincerity to it.

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