Tierra Whack Basically Manifested Her Brand New Gig

TV: As a natural leader and someone with so much self confidence, have you ever been embarrassed of your personal style? How did you overcome that?

TW: When I was nine, I started wanting to push boundaries with my style. And I’ll be honest. I did indeed second guess myself. But then I still did wear two different sneakers and mismatched everything. Little did I know, I was branding myself at a young age. My style became what I was known for, and everyone just knew like, “oh there she goes, again, that’s Whack.”

TV: There’s like no silver in the collection, was that on purpose?

TW: I have a personal connection to gold. Growing up, my grandmom always wore gold chains and rings. They made her look so regal, like the queen she is. And then, of course, keeping it all the way hip-hop! I study hip-hop from top to bottom, from gold grills and bamboo earrings to the infamous gold dookie chain. So it was inevitable. I needed this collection to keep the swag of hip-hop culture alive.

TV: Your collection features an array of colorful pieces as well. Everyone knows as a kid, we have so many favorite colors. Have you landed on your lifetime fave just yet or do your favorite colors still come in waves depending on the moment?

TW: I’ve been getting outfits ready for Australia to go on tour with Tyler [, The Creator], and when I look at the outfits I’ve picked out, I’m like, “wow, this is a lot of yellow.” Yellow always seems to follow me. It’s insane. I don’t notice a pattern until I look at my weekly wardrobe like, “wow, so I guess I’m on this color now.” So, I don’t have a favorite color. I appreciate the color of the moment. Specifically, I love green. I’m not even into color theory and will get anything in green. From popsicles and sour candies to a T-shirt, I connect with green. Two years ago, I wasn’t a fan of purple. And growing up, I stayed away from pink to separate myself from the other girls. So my relationship with colors is just everchanging. It was essential to incorporate it into the collection. I dyed my hair red. I wear a lot of orange — we don’t have to choose! Live out loud!

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