Top 20: Mat Kearney Songs

Since I first heard “Bullet” in the early 2000s Mat Kearney is an artist that I’ve always checked in on each time he releases something new. While I haven’t always connected with every album, he has consistently dropped some of my favorite pop songs. Overall, last years January Flower has become one of my families shared loves, and I still have a high enjoyment for his 2011 Young Love album. With that said, though his albums don’t always connect as whole, he consistently has some of my favorite songs that I can cherry pick from each record for plays lists. His brand of acoustic/hip-hop-infused pop is great for all types of activities, never demanding attention but delivering ear worm hooks and melody when you do take notice. Below are my favorite twenty songs spanning his nearly two decade career.

Top 20: Mat Kearney Songs

20. “Undeniable”Nothing Left to Lose (2006)

19. “Bullet”Nothing Left to Lose (2006)

18. “Here We Go”City of Black & White (2009)

17. “Wanted Man”CRAZYTALK (2018)

16. “Kings & Queens”CRAZYTALK (2018)

15. “Hey Mama”Young Love (2011)

14. “Pontiac”January Flower (2021)

13. “Money” CRAZYTALK (2018)

12. “Powerless”January Flower (2021)

11. “Seventeen”Young Love (2011)

10. “Closer to Love”City of Black & White (2009)

9. “Better Than I Used to Be”CRAZYTALK (2018)

8. “Don’t Cry for Me”CRAZYTALK (2018)

7. “I Can’t Wait For You to Get Here”CRAZYTALK (2018)

6. “Nothing Left to Lose”Nothing Left to Lose (2006)

5. “Count on Me”Young Love (2011)

4. “Grand Canyon”January Flower (2021)

3. “Ships in the Night”Young Love (2011)

2. “Can’t Look Back”January Flower (2021)

1. “Sooner or Later”Young Love (2011)

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What are your favorite songs and albums by Mat Kearney? Let me know in the comments!

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