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So, you want to breastfeed but are worried that you will not have a large enough breast milk supply?

It’s a concern for many moms out there. Here are the best ways to keep that breast milk supply up.

Latch Often

The more you latch baby, the more milk your body will produce to adjust to the demand. We know it’s not practical to have your baby attached 24/7, but as often as you can is very important, especially in those first weeks when you are establishing your milk supply. Abbie says:

“So, if and when you return to work, latch before you leave, upon arrival, all throughout the night, all through weekends and holidays. Direct stimulation should never be lost.” ~Smart Parenting 

Make Sure Latch is Efficient

Sometimes it’s not that your milk supply is low, but that your baby is latched improperly and not getting enough to keep your production up.

If milk is not effectively removed from the breast, then mom’s milk supply decreases. If positioning and latch are “off” then baby is probably not transferring milk efficiently. ~KellyMom

Talk to a lactation consultant and get latching help if you think this could be the case.

Offer Both Breasts

After a few minutes on the breast, your baby may become lazy and not suck as hard. This can be a good time to offer the other breast. Switching breasts and allowing the baby to reattach stimulates both breasts and encourages your baby to drink more. The more baby drinks, the more milk you make. Try offering each breast twice and allowing the baby to nurse as long as he wants.

Lose The Pacifier

This is the energy that baby will spend sucking with no results. If you need to increase or maintain your breast milk supply, it’s to let the pacifier go. Allow baby to use that energy to stimulate your supply. More at Mom 365.

Add To Your Diet

Try some lactation increasing foods! Healthy foods such as oatmeal, salmon, and spinach can help you increase and maintain a good milk supply. Check out 25 Best Foods To Increase Breast Milk via Mom Junction

Increase Your Breast Milk Supply!

Following these simple tips can help to increase your supply. If you’re still having trouble, be sure to talk to your doctor.

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