UK Singer-Songwriter Demi Jordanae Shares Her Debut EP “How Did We Get Here” – DOPECAUSEWESAID

From writing and recording as a D.I.Y introverted bedroom singer-songwriter from a young age, UK based Pop/R&B artist Demi Jordanae brings out an outspoken, expressive, and extroverted character in her music. Her artistry reflects versatility in her sound and style. Influenced by artists across multiple genres, she seeks inspiration from artists like Diana Ross, to Aaliyah and Amy Winehouse. Following her release “Smell Like You”, Demi joined all-female music LA label Powher Sound this past June.

Moving forward a few months and Demi has just released her debut EP, The “How Did We Get Here”, which is an emotional rollercoaster. Each song has a different mood, emotion, sound and style, so it is evident why the EP ends with “How Did We Get Here”. You finally get to that place or feeling in your life that you visioned a long time ago after the unpredictable, emotional journey.

Not only is “How Did We Get Here” the last track, but unintentionally also the last song to be created out of them all.

I had no narrative or idea whatsoever for the EP. I was just creating and writing about anything I felt. I don’t write from personal experience but from imagination. I get inside a character’s mind with lyrical places that can resonate or relate with other people’s life experiences.”

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