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The community of Westbury in Coronationville, Johannesburg will be holding a prayer session for 13-year-old Ethan Tyrone Sass as he is still waiting to receive further medical care.

Ethan has been in the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital’s paediatric intensive care unit for almost a month after he was hit by a speeding taxi in the Rea Vaya lane on Fuel Road in Coronationville.

His father, Fabian Sass, said he had a little setback on Monday but he is stable again and in an induced coma.

Fabian said Ethan was supposed to go for an MRI scan on Monday but it could not take place because the magnetic imaging machine is not compatible with the machines helping him breathe.

“They are trying to get the part and have ordered it from Germany but they are also trying to resource other places as well,” said Sass.

Since being hit by the taxi, Ethan has undergone a trachea operation and his collapsed lungs and heart have recovered. However, his brain still has swelling and he’s still experiencing seizures.

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Prayer session

The prayer session is meant to focus on the progress and recovery of Ethan. The Sass family has also asked for the community to also pray for the senseless killings that have been happening in the area.

This comes after the community found a body burnt on the open ground last week. They said the body was the second one they had found in that location.

They also said the police and government are not doing enough to ensure their safety.

Ethan’s accident

Ethan was struck by a speeding taxi, with an expired licence disc, while he was returning home after collecting water across the road.

The reckless driver attempted to speed off but was stopped by community members.

The taxi driver was taken to the Sophiatown Police Station by two community members. The police, however, let him go.

When Fabian went to the police station, he was told a case of reckless and negligent driving was opened.

“The police also said they cannot arrest the driver as it is reckless and negligent driving and once the case is investigated they will hand it to the prosecutor. So the driver is still driving the same taxi with the expired licence disc and expired operator disc,” added Fabian.

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