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Vegan Condensed Milk

This vegan condensed milk is so silky and creamy, with the perfect consistency. And all you need to make it are four ingredients: cashew nuts, sugar, a bit of cornstarch, and vanilla. If you are nut-free, I’ve included directions for making the condensed milk with coconut milk, and if you are a low carb vegan I’ve included directions for making it with stevia.
I was inspired to make this condensed milk because I am not a huge fan of the storebought versions. They tend to be too sweet and because most are made with coconut milk they have a strong coconut flavor, which doesn’t work with all desserts.
This vegan condensed milk is as close to the real thing as you can get. It takes about 45 minutes to make it, and there’s some stirring involved, but at the end of it all you will be one happy cook for sure!

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