Video: Nuna MIXX Next vs Nuna TRIV Next Stroller Comparison

I love when baby gear companies manage to combine style with function and quality. That’s why I love Nuna! Their products are beautifully designed with high end, sturdy materials and gorgeous modern detailing.

When shopping their stroller line in particular, you’ll notice Nuna has several amazing models from which you can choose! Two similar choices are the Nuna MIXX Next and the Nuna TRIV Next! Both strollers feature a convenient, modular seat, extra large canopies, and all-suspension wheels. However, there are some key differences to keep in mind when selecting which stroller will be right for you! While they both have a pretty compact fold, the TRIV Next is more lightweight, making it a better choice for travel.

Let’s take a look at each of the similarities and differences between each of these strollers!

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Wanna learn more about each of these strollers? Read all about the Nuna MIXX Next and the Nuna TRIV Next on our blog!

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