Video: The Nuna RAVA vs The Nuna EXEC Convertible Car Seat Comparison

Nuna is one of our favorite brands here at The Baby Cubby! With products that are beautifully designed while still providing a comfortable and safe place for babies and children, the Nuna line is hard to beat.

When it comes to their convertible car seats in particular, Nuna has several models to choose from. Two very similar models are the Nuna RAVA and the Nuna EXEC, both built with the softest, most durable fabrics, adjustable foot rests, and a slim design that allows you to put three car seats side-by-side in most vehicles! But there are a few key differences between these seats to keep in mind when you’re selecting which seat is right for you!

To help you out, our cubby mom Camille is here to breakdown all the ways the Nuna RAVA and the Nuna EXEC compare so that you feel confident in your car seat purchase!

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