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After saying he was an aspiring Alfa Romeo Formula One (F1) driver, Anele Mdoda’s son, Alakhe, has added sports commentator to his list of future careers.

By the looks of things, talent runs through the veins of the Mdoda family as they have been dominating Mzansi’s screens, from Anele to her sister, Thembisa Mdoda, and now her son.

In a recent video shared by the radio host, Alakhe is seen at the Professional Soccer League (PSL) match between SuperSport United and Moroka Swallows on 30 October after he asked his mother if he could use her microphone.

Watch Alakhe’s commentary here:

Although Alakhe seems to have the talent to be a soccer commentator, he seemed a tad biased.

While asking his friend about what he thinks about the game he got distracted after Swallows almost scored a second goal.

“Moroka Swallows might win this [but] I’m glad that wasn’t a goal. I’m so grateful that didn’t go in,” Alakhe said.

‘Like mother like son’

Netizens and Anele’s industry peers were elated and praised the media personality’s son, as well as Anele’s parenting skills.

“While everyone is intrigued by the confidence and the vocabulary, I on the other hand can see where Anele saw the gap. We don’t have any kids sport commentary and I hope this was just not a once off thing,” one Twitter user commented.

“Hayibo Alakhe, there was even a pose there just to make sure it’s not a goal! He goes ‘I’m glad it’s not a goal’. What a cute child! These kids are so cute,” another said.

“While other kids are watching cartoons, someone’s watching SuperSport! Lol that ‘I’m so glad’,” says TV personality K Naomi.

“That was so entertaining boys. Like mother like son…the talent runs through those tiny veins. Wow” wrote Precioustheplanner.

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