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A well-known Gauteng businessman, Ranga Gova, has been missing for a week after being kidnapped while driving his wife’s Mercedes-Benz in Midstream, Centurion.

The 35-year-old Zimbabwean-born businessman was kidnapped while stopped at traffic lights, minutes away from his residential estate.

When the incident occurred, Gova was on his way home after playing golf nearby.

Watch: Businessman Ranga Gova kidnapped

Footage of Gova’s alleged hijacking and kidnapping has been shared on social media.

Gova is seen driving up to the intersection in his wife’s grey Mercedez-Benz, before a car stops next to him and other pulls up behind him.

Although the footage is not that clear, Gova is thought to have been pulled out of his car and bundled into one of the other vehicles. The cars then speed off after making a U-turn.

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Family distraught

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, family friend Nyasha Muza said Gova’s wife and mother are distraught.

Nyasha said the family has not yet been contacted by the kidnappers.

Although police found the Mercedes-Benz two days later, Gova is still missing.

According to News24, Gova’s wife Mamello Mareko had spoken to him on the phone minutes before he was kidnapped.

“He told me that he was still at the golf course at the time and that he was leaving soon, as he was just having some coffee before driving back home. It wasn’t a long conversation as I told him we can talk when he gets home, as I needed to see to our baby girl. I had absolutely no idea that would be our last conversation,” she said.

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She found out her husband was missing when security guards knocked on her door.

“They told me my car was taken at the robots in Midstream and that they thought it was me. I then told them that Ranga is driving my car, and they insisted I go to the police station immediately,” said Mareko.

Gova’s mother, Otilia, said she was devastated.

“I feel very devastated. I am at a loss for words. I don’t know who would want to hurt my son. As far as I know, from primary, secondary and even at university, he has never had any squabbles with anyone even his friends can vouch for him,” she told IOL.

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