Watch: Indian teenager’s hair grows to 4 feet, 9.5 inches long

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Sept. 14 (UPI) — An Indian teenager who has never had a haircut in his life set a Guinness World Record when his hair was measured at 4 feet and 9.5 inches long.

Sidakdeep Singh Chahal, 15, of Uttar Pradesh, was awarded the record for longest hair on a male teenager by Guinness World Records.

Chahal said his hair is a symbol of his Sikh faith. The religion calls on its adherents to grow their hair long, considering their locks to be a gift from god.

The teenager said his hair is usually tied in a bun and covered in a traditional dastār, or turban.

He said some of his family members were surprised to learn how long his hair has grown.

“Many of my relatives were shocked to see how long it was,” he told Guinness World Records.

He said it takes at least an hour to wash his hair twice a week.

“It would take an entire day if it wasn’t for the help of my mother,” he said.

Chahal said he used to consider cutting his hair shorter when he grew older, but he is now planning to continue growing it indefinitely.

“I plan to keep my hair uncut until the day I die,” he said.

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