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South African billionaire Rob Hersov has described President Cyril Ramaphosa as a “disgrace, disappointment and embarrassment” to the country, and that he should resign immediately.

Hersov was speaking at the BizNews Conference this week, where he called out Ramaphosa and his “cabinet of clowns.”

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In his speech, Hersov discussed how South Africa has been governed, including sharing ideas on potential solutions to fix the country.

About Ramaphosa

Rob Hersov explained why he does not think highly of Ramaphosa.

“That man is a useless, spineless failure. And it’s a bit of an embarrassment that Alec opened the introduction of me saying that our family gave Cyril Ramaphosa the chance to step up.

“So, if I’m to blame, I apologise to all of South Africa, all of Africa and the world for such a disgrace being a president of our country.”

Patrice Motsepe

Addressing mining billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe who was also in the audience, Hersov laid down a dare for the magnate to resign as member of the African National Congress (ANC).

He described Motsepe as a “decent, good and generous man.”

“But Patrice, you’ve got one more thing and you haven’t done it. You need to stand up and say that you are disgusted with the ANC today and you will resign your membership and stop giving them money.”

“And the minute you do that, you are the legend you deserve to be. But until you do that, we’re holding you to account for not doing it,” Hersov said.

‘Cabinet of Clowns’

Speaking about Ramaphosa’s 27-member cabinet, Hershov questioned the work the ministers do.

“Look at the ages of these people. These are corrupt clowns, criminals of cabinet, of Cyril’s clown cabinet. Other than one or two, most people are my age, they’re madala as a lot of them are older and all of them are incompetent.”

“This clown cabinet runs the country, it makes me angry,” Hersov said.

Watch Hersov’s full speech, courtesy of Biznews, below:

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