Watch: Teenager identifies every national flag in record time

Sept. 8 (UPI) — A teenager from Lebanon put his memory to the test and broke a Guinness World Record by correctly identifying all of the world’s national flags in 4 minutes flat.

Hassan Dawy, 16, managed to identify all of the flags with a time 6 seconds faster than previous record-holder Adam Saeed of Bahrain, who achieved the feat in 2021, Guinness World Records announced.

“I spent the majority of the summer of 2021 practicing to achieve this record,” Dawy told Guinness officials. “I recall giving up at some point when the record was broken again by 18 seconds and reaching the mark of 4 minutes and 6 seconds. The job became much harder.”

Dawy said he ultimately decided to persevere with his goal.

“Later in the summer I went back to practice, I couldn’t just let it go,” he said.

Dawy said his successful record attempt came after about 1,000 practice attempts.

“I have owned every Guinness World Records book since 2013, I am now living my dreams,” he said.

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