Weekly Menu Plan – Healthy Vegetarian




Some years ago, I would religiously share weekly menu plan on my blog.

I thought of spending some time on this and doing it for the coming week.

Weekly Menu Plan – Healthy Vegetarian


B: Mung dal Chila, dahi, avocado

L: Green beans usili, avial kuzhambu, rice

D: Matar Paneer, roti


B: Peanut butter toast, boiled egg

L: Eggplant gothsu, cucumber salad, rice

D: Pasta, bean-avocado salad salad


B: Mango chia avocado smoothie

L: Green tomato chutney, rice, sweet potato curry

D: Mung dal palak, roti, salad


B: Scrambled eggs, avocado toast

L: Cabbage-chana dal poriyal, mor kuzhambu, Rice

(Make the usual cabbage poriyal but with the addition of chana dal soaked for 2 hours and drained)

D: 30-minute Pav Bhaji

(this is a quick weeknight version)


B: Oatmeal

(cook oats in microwave with water, top with milk, mixed seeds, nut butter, some granola)

L: Mixed veg sambar, dried peas sundal, rice

(For sundal, use the dried peas instead of white beans in the recipe)

D: Japchae (korean noodles), cucumber salad


B: Semia upma, chutney

L: Sesame rice, broad beans poriyal, raita

D: Ratatouille, quinoa


Banana Chocolate muffins

Puffed rice chivda

(use puffed rice instead of poha in the recipe)

Cheese, yogurt

Some notes regarding the menu plan for the week

  • I have 8 ripened avocados in my fridge which is why the regular feature in this week’s breakfast.
  • I also have Usili made and frozen as I made a double batch last week. Always do this for time consuming dishes like usili, masalas and gravies so you can make it 2-3 times with the effort of making it once.
  • Avial kuzhambu is avial with a lot more liquid so it can be had mixed with rice.

You can also check out some of the  weekly menu plans from the archives.

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