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So, why is the holiday season so challenging?

There are a variety of factors including an increased number of social gatherings with high-calorie food and drinks. This brings a change in the usual social environment making weight management more difficult. There can also be added stress of trying to prepare for the holidays and can take a toll on physical, mental and emotional health. With all the competing demands, you may find yourself with limited time to be physically active.

For certain groups of people such as those with a higher BMI or who have recently lost a significant amount of weight, the risk of weight gain is increased.  They will usually need to utilize more effort and resources to manage weight during the holidays. Also, the small amount of weight that is typically gained by anyone during these few weeks is typically not reversed. It then contributes to the overall weight increase seen throughout the rest of the year. For this reason, maintaining weight during the holidays can make a long-lasting impact on weight management efforts.

On a positive note, weight goals can be achieved during the holidays. However, it is important to have a plan before the season begins. Decide ahead of time what you are going to do to make it successful. Being mindful is key. Keep your stress levels in-check, pay attention to food choices, write down your strategies and keep your eye on the end goal.

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