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Our creative dept at POLYLANTIC created this trailer for LiL Xuzki upcoming single Ubereatseverywhere. We have viewing power and we promote our artist on our many websites. Currently our artist LiL Xuzki has a audience of over 900k on tik tok. America Music Group Llc did that! Let’s get you in front of your real fans.


Our video production company partners create our awesome lyric videos for our upcoming VEVO channel. Here is a sneak peak at what’s to come…if you’re on mobile the video might not show, click @lilxuzki or # lilxuzki below



All site members that signed up before July 22nd will get one free music or short movie review on our popular Holythrill blog which generates a great amount of viewers seeking entertainment each month. We also will expose your campaign to our community, free of charge.


We create some of the best playlists with unique names like America Muscle Car Radio, Push by DOLUMBICAN which has pushed female artist Jazmine to incredible heights.

Our catalog of music playlists generates a lush amount of daily views and we’re always adding to our catalog of hits. See all the songs we have published to music streaming services


AMERICA MUSIC GROUP LLC has partnered with and built many great relationships with distributors for our sub labels. We want to represent your hits while we drive sales to your account. Here are the labels under our umbrella you could be signed to:

  • POLYLANTIC RECORDINGS – Founded by recording artist LiL Xuzki, Polylantic distributes viral pop rap and radio hit potential songs and distributes with AWAL. Visit polylantic.com

  • DOLUMBICAN RECORDS – Latin. Founded by producer MessinaTheProducer, DOLUMBICAN represents Latin artist like Bad Bunny and the Latin Trap Scence sound. Sign With DOLUMBICAN

  • ZCA – ZCA is for the R&b lovers in the house. We want to fill our roster with artists like SZA, H.E.R, Jhene, Chris Brown and the new talent emerging from the tik tok era. More info ZCA


Get your song mastered to top quality. See the difference in the audio tracks we will send to you once finished. visit here for more information.


Publishing Music First

Music publishing is the life of the music business. You could be missing out on music royalties and sync opportunities if your music is not being handled by a fair publishing company, yourself or an administrative publishing company. We have over 18 songs in our vault and we are backed by the best pro, BMI. We will be accepting music for our publishing division at the end of summer ’22. Get your songs ready!



Golden Stacks Financial/ZCA MUTUAL is America Music Group’s music catalog acquisition division. GSF buys unpublished songs from artists on a work-for-hire basis. Artists will send their music on our website and if we’re interested in buying the track or album, Golden Stacks Financial will send an email. We have experience in buying music.

The team at America Music Group have acquired a very impressive catalog of songs that we earn royalties on through TV, radio, streaming. Every song we earn royalties on we exploit, which maximizes our passive income stream. Here are some of the A-List artists we receive music royalties on. You could be pushed by AMG

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