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Technological advances in the medical field have created many new opportunities for efficient, safe surgical options. Robotic assisted surgery is an effective surgery options and is used at Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics. However, despite its frequent use, not a lot of information is known by the general public. In simple terms, robotic assisted surgery is when a machine helps perform complex surgeries that are difficult or impossible to do without machines.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

At Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics, we perform the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery. It is becoming one of the more prominent advancements in the medical field. The Da Vinci Robotic Surgery is an advanced laparoscopic abdominal surgery. The machine has a high resolution, and is precise which leads to efficient and effective surgical results. These machines are used to help perform surgeries more efficiently for the best results. Due to excellent precision and control, the surgeon is able to safely operate through tiny incisions. Check out our website for more details about Da Vinci Robotic Surgery.

Robotic Assisted Surgery Procedures

Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics uses robotic assisted surgery for multiple surgeries. These surgeries include weight loss sleeve surgery, hiatal hernias, incisional hernia surgeries, inguinal hernias, sports hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery, adrenal gland surgery and colon surgery. The robotic advancements in the medical industry helps perform these surgeries with more precision and control than with just a hand. Therefore, it is beneficial for both the surgeon and the patient. The results are quicker, safer, and have a patient satisfaction rating. Additionally, clients are able to return to regular activities much faster.

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Robotic assisted surgery is growing in usage as people become more familiar with the effectiveness of the procedures. However, there is still many people that are ill-informed. As you, your family or your friends look at surgical options, be informed on what is available to you. Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics will assist you in finding the right treatment or surgical option for your situation. So, book an appointment for a consultation today!

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