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One interesting irony about motherhood is this; before giving birth to your baby, you want as many people as possible surrounding you, but the moment your baby comes, taking them out of your immediate home becomes the last thing you want to do. While this is not hard to understand, there’s really no big deal in taking your baby out to a restaurant, so long it is not crowded.

You may decide to opt for a restaurant for different reasons, and the good news is, your baby doesn’t have to be left out. If you are asking where to put your baby in a restaurant, this is the article you want to read!

How Soon Can You Take A Baby To A Restaurant?

If you are a first-time parent, you may be very much worried about your baby, and when the right time to take them to a restaurant may be. Really, your concern is valid, especially when considering that a baby’s immune system is under development.

That said, most pediatricians declare that a baby can be taken to a restaurant as long as the place is not crowded, and the baby is not exposed directly to strangers. The ideal time to start taking your baby out, however, is between 6 weeks – 2 months of age.

Are There Baby Seats In Restaurants?

Restaurants, these days, are not only designed with adults in mind, they also provide a place for parents and their babies! High chairs and booster seats are provided for your baby to sit, during a restaurant meal. This way, you have fun, and your baby does, too.

Can You Bring Stroller Into A Restaurant?

The truth is, it depends on what restaurant you want to patronize. Many American restaurants do not allow strollers, especially in a crowded dining room. And while that may upset you as a parent who sometimes feels like eating out, you need to understand that the ban is, in fact, in your baby’s and your own best interest, as the stroller may create an obstacle on the waiter’s path, thereby causing an accident.

6 Places To Put Baby In A Restaurant

1. Wear The Baby In A Moby Wrap

If you are considering going to a restaurant and wondering where to put your baby, a Moby Wrap may be your best bet. A product popular for its comfort, style, and adaptability, the Moby Wrap is an award-winning baby item made from a soft, durable, and 100% cotton textile. It circulates the weight of carrying a baby across your back and hips and makes bonding with your baby over a restaurant meal easy!

2. Put The Baby In A Car Seat

A car seat is another place you may consider putting your baby in, whenever you are in a restaurant. You don’t need to be worried about leaving your baby on the floor, as most restaurants have slings that fit in with your car seat, and will get your baby to table height.

This is not to say you cannot find yourself in a restaurant where slings are not a thing, you may. In this case, the restaurant will most likely offer you a table where you have an extra chair to place the car seat on.

3. Put The Baby In A Capsule On The Floor

Baby capsules, also known as infant carriers, are car restraints that face the rear, and they are made with a comfortable carry handle. This lets you carry your baby conveniently from the car, even while they remain fixed in their seat. The baby capsule is one option you won’t go wrong with, whenever you have to use a restaurant with your baby. All you need to do is keep your baby close and within sight, as you both make the most of your time.

4. Put The Baby In A Stroller If There Is Space

Whether you want to have a great time out with your baby or take them with you on a long hike, baby strollers are the easiest way to keep them comfortable and secure. The sweet thing about a baby stroller is, it is user-friendly and adaptable to both your own and your baby’s needs. Sadly, most restaurants do not allow strollers, and this is because the space it takes can pose harm to your baby, especially in a crowded dining room. However, if you are lucky to get a less crowded restaurant, or patronize one when customers are not many, your stroller can do you a world of good.

5. Put The Baby In A Portable Bassinet

Due to its compact design and ability to shield your baby in a comfortable way, a bassinet is acclaimed as one of the coziest items a baby can have. Speaking of where to put your baby in a restaurant, a baby bassinet, all thanks to its portable design, can do an incredible job. Keep your baby awake, ensure your eyes are not far from them, and everything should be fine.

6. Put The Baby In A Pram

If you want a convenient place for your baby while you eat, a pram can as well pass for a fantastic option. But here’s the thing; not all restaurants smile at prams. You may find that some restaurants – especially small ones with tight space, request that you leave your pram at the door, and that’s fine because it’s a rule for them. The best thing to do in this case is, to put a call through to them prior to your visit and confirm if they allow prams in their restaurant. If they respond in the negative, and you cannot check elsewhere, you may want to opt for a car seat instead.

Bottom Line

Nursing doesn’t have to keep you in the confines of your home, all day and night. Sometimes, you may have a meeting of friends and you don’t want to start missing out on other important things in your life, because you now have a baby. Other times, you may simply just feel like eating out and that’s all. You may be asking yourself where, in any restaurant, can you put your baby. You can put them in any of the 6 options highlighted in this article, congratulations!

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