Which Taylor Swift “Midnights” Song Are You, Per the Zodiac?

Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album Midnights is here at last — with seven additional surprise tracks to boot. (Cue Swifties celebrating their half-right double album theory.)

Fans are already delving into the songs, trying to find hidden meanings and easter eggs in the cryptic clues being dropped. Luckily, we are able to show the meaning in each song through their astrological correlation, too. Not only will each zodiac sign relate and relish in the song that describes their attitude and personality, but it’ll be their new favorite Taylor Swift hit. Words of advice: Listen with a box of tissues and prepare to feel your feels as you take over the dancefloor.

Dive into which Taylor Swift Midnights song fits your zodiac sign below:

Aries: “Antihero”

This song is about taking back one’s power, even in the things we hate about ourselves. “I really don’t think I’ve delved this far into my insecurities in this detail before,” Taylor said about writing “Antihero.” Although they’re known to be strong, Aries often feel less than perfect and can get insecure despite their bravado. “Antihero” is a reminder to believe in oneself and to embrace your fabulousness like any Aries.


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Taurus: “Mastermind”

As a fixed sign, Tauruses can be stubborn and plan everything to a T. Yes, this can entail a meet-cute with someone they’re crushing on. Being that the lyrics to “Mastermind” center around a pre-planned desire to chill with someone, it’ll prove to be a relatable song for any Bull who is looking to make a good first impression on the person they have feelings for.


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Gemini: “Question… ?”

Upon reflection, Geminis tend to overanalyze matters by talking about them ad nauseum. This song is about overthinking until you just can’t anymore, but the essence of “Question…?” focuses on the choices we make in life and how we handle them. Since Gemini weighs both sides of the coin in decision making (each twin has an opinion), they can totally relate.

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