Why Estonia is the best choice for weight loss surgery abroad?

There is a growing tendency to have weight loss surgery abroad. Bariatric surgery cost in many countries  is significantly lower than in Scandinavia and Western European countries.
Why Estonia’s popularity as a destination for medical tourism has grown year after year?

1. In Estonia you get high quality medical service at an affordable price

Gastric bypass surgery >>6150 EUR
Gastric sleeve surgery >>6150 EUR
Mini-Bypass surgery >>6150 EUR
Revision operations >>6700 EUR

How can you talk about fair pricing for medical service when the question lies with your own health?
When to take a closer and more objective look of private medical service prices in EU, one can find that high prices and high quality are not always related with each other.
Estonian medical system is close to highest standard of European contemporary medicine. Estonian hospitals. correspond to all the EU standards and are very modern.

How then it is possible that similar service, provided in Estonian hospitals, is so much more affordable than identical service in Scandinavian or UK hospitals?
The answer lies with differences between countries, average wages, prices of services/products, real estate values etc.

Simply put – in Estonia private patient can get more value out of his money. When compared to costs in home country you can save almost half the money and spend the savings for something nice – for a vacation, home renovation – surely you can think of something. But no means you get less service in Estonia, it is quite the opposite.
Patients often travel together with someone accompanying them and the fair price level in Estonia for accommodation, food and entertainment mean that the total costs of travel can work out very reasonable.

2. Estonian doctors and medical staff are highly valued by patients.

The cornerstone of medical education in Estonia is the University of Tartu, that is ranked among top 3% of universities in the world. Established four centuries ago, the University of Tartu has long traditions with medical education.

Estonian doctors and medical staff are considered to be among the best in Europe and in the world in many areas. Patients appreciate not only their wide range of knowledge and skills, but also warmth, enthusiasm and personal attention.
It may be different from your home country, but Estonian doctors and medical staff are renowned for their warm and caring attitude. They are used to take into account patients’ individual needs and take the time to communicate directly with the patient.
Estonian doctors, nurses and other staff speak excellent English, Russian and Finnish. Patient information is available in several languages and communication with your medical service team is easy.

3. In Estonian hospitals you will find the newest technology and digital solutions.

Newest infrastructure is a priority for healthcare system in Estonia. Hospitals, equipment, technology and laboratories are world-class and more modern than in many EU countries. Usage of most modern technology makes treatment more comfortable and effective for the patient.

Estonia uses unique E-medical system where the whole country is connected. These unique systems enable doctors to get instant access to the results of diagnoses which allow interdisciplinary solutions to be used – such that are only discussed but rarely seen around the world. All the prescriptions in Estonia are issued digitally.

Estonia is well ahead of Scandinavian countries, also UK and Ireland for development and usage of information and communication technology in healthcare.

4. Medical treatment in Estonia is safe

The Medicine Estonia cluster is a guarantee of quality.
Bariatric Services is a full member of Medicine Estonia cluster – organization that brings together Estonian top medical service providers.
Together with other Estonian top hospitals Bariatric Services works hard to make coming to Estonia for treatment simple, convenient and reliable for foreign patients.

5. Close location and excellent connections

Geographical location of Estonia enables for visitor good access by air, land or sea from all over the Europe and the whole world. Travelling to Estonia has never been as easy and comfortable as today.
Many of Estonia top hospitals are located in or around the capital Tallinn and only a short drive away from the airport, railway station, bus station and port.
In Estonia everything is close, carefully thought through and feels just like home.

In a word – Estonia is a smart choice for anyone that is looking for a high-quality treatment abroad.

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