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by Walter Price

The recent album “Tioga Titan” by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Will Payne Harrison is chock-full of odes to the greats of country music. From dancehall favorites Yoakam, and Wills, to barn burners reminiscent of Jason and the Scorchers. But the song that’d had Don Williams tipping his hat is the sweet melody of the love and life journey song, “Simple Truths”.

The track pays homage to the simple life. Nagging bosses, the big one on the fishing line, and those inevitable meageár bank accounts, but somehow—life moves along. Love has a way of negating all the trials and tribulations after all. Don’t hurt if you stop and have a lil prayer, listen to the birds sing, and cherish each and every new sunrise.

Hey honky tonk purists, the occasional stool abuser WPH is keeping it real, real country that is and it wouldn’t do any harm if you took “Tioga Titan” for a long drive this weekend—but if you’re on a limited TikTok mental time restraint, “Simple Truths” (music video) is a great place to start. And you can stream the single and the LP in full, here at the GTC.


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Artist photo by Mike Dunn // Quote via willpayneharrison.com

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I’ve always wanted to be a bluegrass musician, but I just don’t have the chops so it comes out as Americana. For these new songs, I paid attention to what the fans were really digging into previously and decided that I should release a full album of honky tonk since those were the tracks that resonated most with listeners.” – Will Payne Harrison

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