I’m a trans teen in Missouri. Why is the state trying to take away my healthcare? | Chelsea Freels

According to a Washington Post-KFF poll, only 43% of cisgender people (a person whose gender identity aligns with their assigned sex at birth) know a transgender person, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chelsea Freels and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a transgender junior at Clayton high school in Missouri. I love … Read more

FDA warns against unapproved treatments for skin condition molluscum

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Unapproved products are unlikely to actually have the impact they claim and may cause bad reactions, such as skin reddening, abrasion from skin scratching and permanent scarring, the FDA warned. Photo by AdoreBeautyNZ/Pixabay It’s tempting to treat little skin bumps on your own, but that delays proper diagnosis and treatment that may work better, federal … Read more

‘The sun is medicine’: Parents, co-ordinators see benefits in Mi’kmaw land-based learning

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A land-based education school in Ugpi’Ganjig (Eel River Bar First Nation) in New Brunswick is re-introducing children to Mi’kmaw traditional knowledge. Seated along Charlo Beach, about 250 kilometres north of Moncton, on Thursday kids took in lessons about plamu (salmon), clams and water safety as part of the M’sit No’kmaq Forest & Nature School program. “Our education is culturally grounding,” said program co-ordinator Jasmine … Read more

The rise of perfectionism – and the harm it’s doing us all | Mental health

About a decade ago, Thomas Curran, a psychology student, travelled to Australia to embark on a postdoctoral fellowship and was crushed with anxiety, exhaustion and panic attacks. Beyond making the round-the-world flight, he’d really pushed himself hard to make it there. Curran is from Wellingborough, a town in the east Midlands, and grew up “without … Read more

Misophonia, sensitivity to sounds, can trigger rage, fear

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Breadcrumb Trail Links Weekend Post Life Health Brain Health Little-understood disorder has sufferers cringing or feeling downright ill when they hear snoring, chewing, crunching, pen-clicking and more Published Jun 04, 2023  •  Last updated 0 minutes ago  •  4 minute read The sound of someone eating potato chips appears to be a common trigger for those … Read more

UK government endorsed e-cigarette firm accused of fuelling underage vaping | Vaping

The government has been criticised for its “completely inappropriate” endorsement of an e-cigarette manufacturer blamed for fuelling an “epidemic” of underage vaping in the US. Juul Labs was promoted in an official briefing circulated by the Department of Health and Social Care about the prime minister’s plan to close a loophole allowing free samples to … Read more