Clashes in Shanghai as protests over zero-Covid policy grip China

Hundreds of demonstrators and police have clashed in Shanghai as protests over China’s stringent Covid restrictions flared for a third day and spread to several cities, in the biggest test for president Xi Jinping since he secured a historic third term in power. The wave of civil disobedience is unprecedented in mainland China in the … Read more

White House health officials: up-to-date vaccines key to move on from Covid

White House public health officials offered cautious optimism that Americans could begin to move on from coronavirus, but cautioned that keeping immunity vaccination up-to-date and combating scientific disinformation remained key for the country to successfully emerge from the three-year Covid-19 pandemic. “If you look at where we were a year ago at this time, when … Read more

Ministers face pressure to explain PPE Medpro contracts decision

Ministers will come under intense pressure this week to explain how they assessed that a personal protective equipment (PPE) company linked to the Conservative peer Michelle Mone was fit to receive government contracts worth more than £200m during the pandemic. Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, has drawn up a list of parliamentary questions over the … Read more

Xi unlikely to tolerate dissent as momentous protests shake China

Just five weeks after being elected to a historic third term, President Xi Jinping suddenly faces cracks in the facade of unchallenged authority that he so successfully presented to the world at the 20th national congress of the Chinese Communist party. For groups of protesters, apparently without central coordination, to take to the streets across … Read more

Australia’s Covid recovery: which capital cities have bounced back best?

Activity across Sydney and Melbourne’s central business districts is still below pre-Covid levels as work from home preferences keep office vacancies high – however, the business community is heartened by a surge in recreational visits that is expected to “rebalance” Australian cities. Melbourne’s CBD was 33% less busy from mid-September to mid-November this year compared … Read more

‘Xi Jinping, step down!’: anti-lockdown protests spread across China – video

Demonstrations have broken out in cities and university campuses across China amid widespread anger at Covid lockdowns. The wave of civil disobedience was triggered by an apartment fire on Friday in which at least 10 people died in the west Xinjiang region. In an unusually bold act that appeared to indicate the level of people’s … Read more

Winnipeg’s Alexander Docks reimagined as living MMIWG2S memorial by Métis landscape designer

desiree theriault

A Métis landscape designer hopes to transform Winnipeg’s Alexander Docks into a living monument for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, as well as a healing space for their loved ones to mourn and raise awareness — but first she needs city approval. Desirée Theriault’s thesis for her master’s degree in landscape architecture was dedicated to … Read more

Depressed, powerless, angry: why frustration at China’s zero-Covid is spilling over

Victoria Li* has experienced several lockdowns since Covid emerged in China almost three years ago. Being a prisoner in her own home in Beijing made her feel depressed, powerless and angry. “Being stuck at home with my door sealed, I felt unmotivated to do anything,” she said. “I didn’t want to work, I didn’t want … Read more

Britons have wised up to the benefits of immigration. It’s about time politicians did too | Robert Ford

For political veterans, the recent arguments over immigration have a very familiar feel: dire warnings of crisis as official statistics show record numbers of people coming to Britain to work, study and join their families, while a dysfunctional Home Office struggles to cope with a new wave of refugees; a beleaguered government pledging to clamp … Read more